Checkout the steps taken by us to ensure Food safety.

Indulge in a Next Level Cheese Experience in Panchkula.


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Occasion for pizza? Who needs it. All you need is cheese and some more cheese. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or just that late night binge mood, a next level cheese pizza works well for any and every occasion.... read more

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Cheese Burst Pizza
Cheese Burst Pizza
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Value Combos
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Supreme Pizza
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Classic Pizza
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Cheese dips
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Sides & Drinks

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Your safety, our priority'

Made with Next level Hygiene. Delivered with Next Level Safety. Delivery Safe, Hygienic and Ymmy Pizzas, Always! All our pizzas are baked at 230 degree celsius

Real-time Temperature Tracking of Kitchen and Delivery Staff
Real-time Temperature Tracking of Kitchen and Delivery Staff
Option to Choose Contactless Delivery
Option to Choose Contactless Delivery
While we always followed a next level hygiene regime at Ovenstory, we have taken a few specific measures at these times.
Our Kitchen executives have been instructed to wear masks.
They are trained about personal hygiene outside of work.
A daily log of our executive’s body temperatures is being maintained.
Every kitchen executive sanitizes his/her hands every hour.
Every kitchen surface is rigorously cleaned to ensure clean & sanitized workstation.
Every pizza is packed & sealed in an enclosed package that ensures no direct ambient contact to any outside contamination.
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Average pizzas are passe. It's time for some Next Level Cheese Pizzas.

It's time for next level cheese! Give those average pizzas a break and order Ovenstory's Next level cheese pizzas with 4 exciting cheese bases - Chipotle, Peri Peri, tandoori and El Claasico.

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  • Veg Overload Pizza (11 Inch)
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  • Farmfresh Supreme (11 Inch)
  • Middle Eastern Supreme (11 Inch)
  • Spanish Sunshine (11 Inch)
  • Chicken Tikka & Kheema (11 Inch)
  • Double Chicken Feast Pizza (11 Inch)
  • Smoked Chicken Sausage Pizza (11 Inch)
  • Corn & Olives Mac N Cheese
  • Meatball Mac N Cheese
  • Farmfresh Supreme Cheese Burst Pizza (11 Inch)
  • Middle Eastern Supreme Cheese Burst Pizza (11 Inch)
  • Picante Paneer Pizza (11 Inch)
  • Maharaja Veg Pizza (11 Inch)
  • Chicken Maximus Pizza (11 Inch)
  • Non-veg Paradise Pizza (11 Inch)
  • Famous Five Pizza (11 Inch)
  • Cheese Infused Garlic Bread (Single Box)